Working as an accountant is about more than just knowing numbers. You also have to demonstrate the value you can provide to a company’s bottom line and show how you can impart essential financial information to other departments.  Being detail-oriented, knowing tax laws and financial record-keeping laws, and understanding accounting best practices are all essential skills, as well.

Although you learn a lot of what you need to become a successful accountant in educational programs, there is also an on-the-job training component if you want to maximize your career success. Finding an accounting mentor can have both short-term benefits and long-term advantages, and you should strongly consider forming a mentor relationship as early as possible in your career. Having a mentor offers the following benefits:

You can learn tricks to automate your efforts and make processes easier:

This is both a short-term benefit and a long-term benefit. Whether you are keeping a company’s balance sheet, processing payroll, or completing business taxes, you want to find out all of the shortcuts and procedures which can make this detail-oriented work easier.

You can improve communication skills with clients:

A good mentor can show you how to effectively communicate technical financial detail to clients. Industry slang and arcane accounting rules can be difficult for the layperson to grasp, but you need to be able to communicate to clients about their obligations and financial issues.

You can grow your skill set:

Accountants don’t just do one thing, they do many things. You need to learn new practical skills all the time in order to remain competitive in your industry.

You can earn a strong reference:

When you want to move on to a new accounting position, you’ll probably be asked for references. Your mentor knows you best, knows the quality of work you perform, and can provide a detailed recommendation.

You’ll benefit from your professional network:

Your mentor likely knows lots of people in the accounting industry and can help you to tap into their professional network to build your own connections.

You’ll learn how to become a mentor later in life:

It is rewarding to serve as a mentor. When you have a great person who is looking out for you, you can learn how to be a mentor yourself to help another young accountant some day.


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