Administrative work can be rewarding, interesting, and good paying. However, not all admin jobs are created equal. If you find yourself frustrated because you aren’t being treated right at your workplace or because you no longer find your job fulfilling, you may begin to wonder whether it is time to consider some new opportunities.

There are lots of different red flags which could suggest you need to move on to a better administrative job. Three major signs you’re in the wrong position include:

Not being treated with the respect you deserve

In some companies, administrative assistants are just treated like secretaries, even when their work goes well beyond basic secretarial duties. If you’re managing calendars, making travel arrangements, preparing reports and correspondence, and keeping everything on track for busy professionals, your efforts need to be recognized.

Having no opportunity for career growth

In many companies, admins have the potential to advance. You could move up to work for executives higher up the ladder or transition into related fields like office manager once you get some experience under your belt. If you want to move up and you don’t believe you will have the opportunity to do so in your current place of business, it is time to start exploring to see if you can find better work with more potential for advancement.

Being forced to cope with outdated processes

Admins have lots of different responsibilities, from handling correspondence to maintaining filing systems to overseeing phone operations to interacting with clients and arranging meetings. Whatever the specifics of your job duties are, you need systems that make sense so you can do your job effectively. If you’re forced to use an archaic filing or phone system, if your company’s technology is badly out of date, or if you have to comply with processes and protocols that make no sense, it is easy to become frustrated. Rather than deal with this stress every day, it may be worth your effort to find a new position instead.

If you’ve decided you are in the wrong admin job, Vanguard Staffing can help you to find a new opportunity that will be better for your professional life.  To find out more about how our staffing professionals can help you to find satisfying administrative work, give us a call today.

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