If you have ever been fired in a past position, you know that you need to account for this when you are looking for new work.  Fortunately, being terminated in a previous job does not have to make your future job search harder. You just need to be prepared to handle questions and to explain what occurred.

To help you out during the interview process, here are a few tips to deal with having a previous termination in your employment history:

Remain positive about past employers

No matter what happened with your termination, how unfair you may feel it was, or what your feelings about your past employer, you never want to complain to a new employer. Instead, always stay positive. Focus on the good parts of the job and keep your answers positive, concise, and factual.

Explain what you learned if a mistake was made

If you were fired because of a mistake, explain what happened and explain how you have taken steps to correct issues in the future so you will not ever create cause for termination again.

Be confident in your answer and explanation

It is easy to become flustered or embarrassed when asked about being fired in the past, but this can only make your situation worse. Being ready with a good explanation of how you learned from the situation and how you will do better in the future can give you the confidence to give a great answer. If an employer sees you have overcome your previous termination, they are far more likely not to consider it a major issue when making a decision about whether or not to hire you for a new position which you have applied for.

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