All new employees require some level of onboarding and orientation. Temporary employees will walk in your door a little nervous and anxious on their first day. A great way to calm down those emotions is to be adequately prepared for their arrival.

What goes into the preparation for an incoming temporary worker? The following tips will help with that transition and allow everyone to be more comfortable at the start of the job assignment.

Have the Most Recent Worker Write Job Functions

While you are the manager of your team and the incoming temporary employee(s), you won’t have as good of a handle on the job as the employee who was just in that chair. Creating a process where the outgoing employee writes down their job functions and processes will help your staff’s new addition. One of the best parts of creating this document will be future employees just need to update and refine the processes and functions. The legwork happens in the original document creation, but you need to make sure the most recent employees keep it up to date to help the new temporary employee.

Who Is The Manager and How Will They Be Evaluated

Providing structure and guidance will help ease the transition of any new employee. With an incoming temporary worker, sharing the information at the start of the assignment about now only who the supervisor is but how they will be evaluated on their performance eliminates any gray area. If you tell them they will be evaluated on the amount of a project they complete or the accuracy of their work, stick to those guidelines when providing future feedback.

Provide Training and a Partner

An incoming temporary employee probably won’t need full training for the entire company, but they will need some training to get up to speed on your technology, software or anything else to perform their job well. Take that training a step further and align your new temporary worker with an established employee in the department. Find a team member who is patient and a good teacher. They will help your department succeed by continuing the onboarding after the incoming temporary worker’s first day.

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