When hiring new employees for your administrative team, you want to find professionals who will do the job well and who will be a good fit for your organization.  There are lots of things to look for, including great organizational skills and attention to detail in top candidates. There are also some traits you do NOT want your admin staff to have.

As you go through the interviewing process to find administrative professionals, there are a few red flags that you should keep an eye out for – which can suggest that someone would be a bad candidate for your open position.  Some signs that an interviewee may not be the best person for the job include:

They have a preference for working individually

Administrative staff members have to be able to work together to divide work and get tasks done on time. They also need to be able to communicate effectively and take direction well from the people who they are supporting. If a candidate says they prefer to work on their own, this could suggest they are not a team player, and do not have the high levels of emotional intelligence necessary to do well as an administrative professional.

They have outdated knowledge of essential tech skills

: Tech tools are useful in virtually every aspect of an administrative professional’s job – from preparing correspondence to managing schedules or booking travel and keeping calendars. You don’t want an admin who hasn’t kept up with technology, and who is going to have a big learning curve when they come on board.

They mention “not being a people person” when asked about their negatives.

Administrative staff members have to interact with clients, and with many people within your organization. You don’t want someone who is not good at, or interested in, communicating effectively with others.

These are a few of the key red flags to be aware of when you are interviewing candidates for administrative work. Vanguard Staffing can help your organization find qualified candidates who will do a great job. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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