Digital designers need to be able to get themselves noticed in a crowded market in order to be hired by the top companies looking for skilled design professionals. Whether you are a seasoned digital designer or you are just trying to break into the thriving industry, you need to set yourself apart to capture the attention of potential employers.

So, how can you stick out and get potential employers interested in considering you as a candidate? Follow these tips:

Create a great blog and show it off to the interviewer

You can show off your design skills by making your own blog look impressive. You can also keep a portfolio of work on your blog, and can publish articles and informational posts which show off your grasp of this industry.  Your blog can entice interviewers to contact you in the first place, and can also help you to demonstrate specific digital design skills during the interview process.

Use digital design and include this in your portfolio work

You want to be able to show off your abilities to create great digital design projects and to use a variety of different software programs to do so.  Showing off your skills with real-world examples can help you to convince an interviewer that you have the technical abilities and the creativity to be a great member of the company’s digital design team.

Stay up-to-date on digital design trends

Blogs, magazines, conferences, and other resources should be regularly consulted so you can stay on the cutting edge of trends in the digital design industry. You can show off your knowledge of the latest software tools and digital design trends both during your interview and by ensuring that your portfolio has a lot of cutting edge design work.

Creating great digital design content is key to getting noticed, but it also helps to have the right connections to find employers who are looking for people like you.  Vanguard Staffing helps digital design professionals to get their work in front of top companies who are hiring now. Contact us today to find out more on working with a leader in creative staffing in NYC.

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