Administrative work can be well-paid and personally rewarding. However, if you are looking for jobs in the administrative industry, you want to make certain that you find a company that will appreciate your talents and reward your efforts.

As you evaluate different job opportunities as an admin, there are a few key factors that you should look for to make certain you are finding a position in a company that has a good working environment. Some of the signs of a great administrative position include:

Technology and software that is up-to-date.

The ease or difficulty of your job can depend upon the tech tools that you have available to you. From doing research to preparing correspondence to booking travel, setting up meetings, and keeping schedules, tasks you do every day will frequently involve computer use. If your tech tools are not up-to-date, frustration is a likely outcome. A company that cares about its admin staff will provide the tools you need to use to do your job well.

Friendly staff in the company.

You want to have nice co-workers and feel like a respected member of the team. Pay attention to how you are treated by everyone in the office to see if you will enjoy working in that particular environment.

A positive corporate culture.

Corporate culture extends beyond the attitudes of your immediate co-workers. The culture of a company can dictate everything from the dress code, to what benefits are available to you, and whether you have the opportunity for promotion. You want to find a company that has a strong brand as a good employer, and that creates a culture where hard work is appreciated and staff contributions are valued.

A concrete training process.

A company that cares about its administrative staff will invest in training. When a company offers training, this can also help you to enrich your skills so you can find more opportunities to move up the ladder and advance in your career as an administrative professional.

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