Working as a production artist means that you can use your graphic design skills and computer knowledge to make sure that design products meet or exceed client expectations. Production artists are responsible for handling a lot of the technical details in graphic designs, such as ensuring that design files and layouts are in the right formats.  Retouching, preflighting, repositioning images, and fixing excessive imaging are a few of the many tasks that production artists may perform.

Production artists are often the last people to review graphic design files to ensure accuracy, so companies want to make sure people in this position are capable of getting their tasks done right every time. You want to make sure you can sell yourself to potential employers, which means there are a few key steps you should take including:

Gaining experience and digital editing

Production artists need to have advanced digital editing skills so they can make sure graphic design projects are ready for production. There are a variety of software tools you may need to use, including products from Adobe and Corel. You should have an expansive portfolio to show that you have made use of the latest software tools to edit designs and produce publication-ready work.

Showing that you can see the “big picture” for projects

Production artists need to be able to see the “big picture” to make certain that finished design projects accomplish the client’s goals and are ready for production. You need to illustrate this ability in your resume, and when you explain your past work projects during your interview.

Maintaining an up-to-date portfolio at all times

Even when you are not actively searching for a job, you should be continually updating your portfolio so you always have a visual history of the work that you have performed as a production artist.

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