Accountants can work in many different industries and focus on many different tasks as part of their routine working life. As you are developing your career as an accountant, you will have to decide what path you want to take in your professional life.  You should consider the job conditions you will encounter in different industries, and think about what is most suited to your particular skills and interests.

Some of the different career paths for accountants include:


Auditors can work for the IRS, the SEC, other government agencies, or private and public companies. Auditors examine financial records in order to make certain that the records are accurate, and ensure that best practices for accounting were followed. Auditors can also access financial operations in order to increase efficiency.

Tax Accountant

Tax accountants help individuals and companies to prepare tax returns, and comply with their tax obligations. In some cases, tax accountants help clients to look for ways to reduce their tax burdens through strategic tax planning. Tax accountants can help with personal and corporate tax issues, as well as with payroll tax and sales tax compliance, among other tasks.

Managerial Accountant

Managerial accountants provide critical information and support to executives in business decision making. Managerial accountants can work for government agencies, private businesses, or public companies. They supervise other financial professionals who handle basic accounting tasks, and they analyze data to make projections and performance measurements.

Government Accountant

Government accountants can also work for many different government agencies, like the IRS and SEC. They can serve an investigative role, helping government agencies to determine if individuals and companies are complying with their obligations. Government accountants can also work for the government in a research and advisory role, doing things like assessing the financial impact and cost of various legislation.

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