Working as an accountant in a temporary job can open up new doors for you, as many top companies bring in accountants on an as-needed basis. It can also help you boost your resume and allow you to work when you want flexibility. You will, however, need to actually find good accounting temporary jobs if you want to make contract accounting work actually work for you.

Part of being able to find great temporary work in the accounting field is to stand out from the crowd and make yourself as attractive a candidate as possible. Here are three key ways to help boost your profile and increase your chances of being hired as a temporary accounting candidate.

Showing off your teamwork skills and willingness to learn

Accountants have to work closely with other departments, which can be harder for temporary employees. They also have to understand exactly what is expected of them as far as providing essential services to the organization that hires them. The more eager you are to learn and the better you are at working on a team, the easier it will be for you to succeed. Show off your teamwork skills and willingness to learn with specific examples from past jobs about how you pitched in and picked up skills quickly.

Developing a good skill that is hard to find

If you bring something to the table that few other candidates have, you are likely to be in demand. For example, you could specialize in compliance and companies who need assistance in this area would all be clamoring to bring you on board. Look at different skills in your industry and find one that is appealing to you. Then learn as much as possible about that skill to make companies battle over you.

Showing an aptitude for technology and a willingness to teach it to others

Technology has revolutionized the accounting profession, but some experienced accountants still don’t fully know how to embrace it. If you are great at technology and companies can hire you on a temporary basis to bring them up to speed, you’re going to be an in-demand hire.

Another way to find great temporary jobs in the accounting field is to work with staffing professionals who know the industry and are ready to help you find work. Vanguard has helped many accountants find temporary and full-time work. Contact us today and allow our recruiters help find your place in the accounting field.

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