Westchester County recently announced an unprecedented plan to bring ultra-fast internet service to four major cities. An estimated $750 million is going to be devoted to a massive digital infrastructure project that will bring super-fast broadband to Mount Vernon, White Plains, New Rochelle and Yonkers. These four cities will join other major metropolitan areas which have jumped on the gigabit expansion bandwagon to facilitate unprecedented access to digital data.

What does this internet upgrade actually mean for Westchester County and the cities getting ultra-fast internet?

Improved Ability to Communicate With New York City

According to The Journal News, the White Plains mayor described the addition of gigabit internet service in Westchester as a “crucial addition to the reliable transit and proximity to New York City that already attracts people and businesses to Lower Hudson Valley.” With access to ultra-fast internet, more companies may conduct business in Westchester. This is good news for accounting professionals who would prefer to work locally rather than commuting to the city.

Economic Growth

The gigabit internet will offer the opportunity to access the “exclusive global network of high-speed information sharing.” This global network is helping to foster unprecedented economic growth by allowing instantaneous access to essential data in information-centered fields like education, healthcare and manufacturing.

Unparalleled Data Transfer Speeds

On a typical network, downloading a movie can take around 30 minutes. With the gigabit speed coming to Westchester, that same movie could be downloaded in under two minutes. Data transfers at a gigabit per second, which is 14 times faster than traditional broadband internet speed! The movie example shows how a big file can be transferred at a much faster speed, increasing efficiency and productivity for all parties involved.

Taking advantage of the new gigabit internet and the economic opportunity it creates should be a top goal for those in the accounting field, as well as for individuals in many other data-centric professions. If you want help finding great jobs in the Westchester area or surrounding locations, contact Vanguard Staffing today to discover how our staffing professionals can help you find interesting and rewarding work in industries expanding due to Westchester’s internet upgrade.

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