Working as a project manager gives you the opportunity to keep staff members on track and see tangible fruits of your labor. Your ability to succeed in this career field is dependent upon your aptitude for effective management and on-the-job opportunities that come your way and allow you to showcase your skills.

Vanguard Staffing can help you find work at great companies looking for project managers, but it is up to you to make sure you are the candidate all of these companies want to hire. Here are five tips to turn yourself into a must-hire project manager.

Showing quantitative results

You have to provide some tangible proof of what you can do so the company knows what to expect of you. The more specific you can be about objective proof of your success, the greater the likelihood you’ll be seen as an attractive job candidate. You should provide quantitative measurements showcasing what you have done for companies in the past. For example, you can illustrate revenue generated by your project successes or showcase how your effective management saved former employers time and money.

Having an awesome portfolio

Having something tangible to share can be another key way to convince a company to hire you. If you have examples of past projects you’ve done and products you have helped to create, all of this should be in a portfolio that is accessible to a hiring manager. Make sure your portfolio is easy to peruse and shows off your best work.

Showing off how you deal with hot-headed personalities

Project managers have to deal with all types of people. Be prepared to explain your strategy for effectively managing difficult members of your staff. Showcasing how you can keep your cool, diffuse conflict and keep tempers at bay will help to convince a hiring manager you have the skills to be a successful project manager.

Demonstrating how you can keep unmotivated people on track

Boosting employee motivation helps a company’s bottom line. You want to have clear examples of how you have prompted staff to stay motivated when working under you on projects you were managing in the past. This motivation needs to be for either co-workers in your organization or your contacts on the project at the company. Getting response and buy-in is important to a successful project.

Explaining how you can understand the big picture

Project managers have to be able to grasp financial details and show how their work fits within the company’s larger goals. Being able to display you understand how project management affects a company’s finances and impacts its success is also important to your job search success.

By following these tips, you should become the project manager that every company wants to bring on board. Vanguard can assist you in getting in touch with top companies hiring project managers with your particular skill set. Contact us today to learn how our full-service staffing agency can help you.

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