If you are putting together a creative team for your company, you should strongly think about hiring contract workers. Hiring contract employees instead of full-time workers has many significant benefits your company can take advantage of. Here are some key reasons you should embrace contract workers on your creative team.

Opening up your hiring to creative professionals who prefer contract status

Many creative people get bored doing the same things over and over and would prefer contract work that gives them more variation and flexibility. Others like to be their own boss and work only on projects that inspire them. These creative workers may be the cream of the crop because they are committed to creativity and innovation … and you may not be able to hire them unless you are offering the type of contract work they’re looking for.

The opportunity to get help without having to hire someone full time if no full-time work is needed

If you have to bring on a full-time employee, this has major implications for your company. Not only do you have to pay a full-time salary, you can also be responsible for providing benefits. You can avoid having to pay for full-time hours and benefits if you hire contract workers only when you need them.

The ability to try out a job candidate before you hire them for full-time work

Hiring someone for full-time work is a big commitment. You have a lot of preliminary paperwork to do. You need to provide ample training during the onboarding process, and firing a worker who doesn’t work out could be a big hassle that puts your company in legal jeopardy. You can avoid all of these downsides by hiring a contract worker instead. If the contract worker turns out to be a great fit for your business, you can always ask them if they want to come on board full time after you’ve gotten to know them.

Vanguard Staffing helps companies find skilled contract workers who will be strong additions to any creative team. Our creative staffing service has connections with a vast network of creative professionals who can do contract work for your company and help you achieve successful outcomes to projects underway. Contact us today to find out more about how staffing professionals can help your business hire great contract workers.


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