If you are looking for accounting work, getting an interview is a key step in the hiring process. Of course, once you have gotten an interview, you need to impress the hiring manager so they will decide to bring you on board.

Preparing for your interview is one of the keys to getting hired. In particular, think about the answers to some common interview questions so you’ll have an idea of what to say if these particular queries are presented to you.

Some of the questions you should be prepared to answer include:

How have you helped past employers reduce costs?

Be prepared to provide detailed qualitative information showing the results of your efforts. Having hard numbers to back you up will show the hiring manager you have succeeded in saving companies money.

How do you minimize errors in your work?

Accounting and financial professionals cannot afford to make even the smallest of errors. You need to be prepared to show, in specific detail, how you verify everything is done right so you don’t put the company at risk of costly mistakes.

What type of work environment or culture do you prefer?

Employers want to make certain you will fit in with the corporate culture. You will be asked under what conditions you work best. Provide specific and objective examples of how you have succeeded in different environments to show you would be a versatile team player.

Tell me about a time when you were the lead on a project?

Accounting professionals may need to take control over specific projects or tasks. Companies that are hiring want to know if you have the leadership skills to take the reins when needed. Provide specific examples of how led a team and got tasks done on time.

These are just a few key interview questions you should be prepared to answer. You want to impress a potential employer so you get hired for your dream career. Of course, you need to first land an interview. Vanguard Staffing can get your info in front of hiring managers at top companies looking for accounting professionals. Give our financial staffing service a call today to find out more.

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