The internet has revolutionized the way job seekers look for jobs and has also had a major impact on how employers evaluate job candidates. Today, many qualified job seekers can find work when a company comes across them online and expresses interest in hiring. Employers also frequently look up candidates online after accessing their resumes via more traditional means.

Since your online brand can help you get hired, you want to make certain you are putting your best face forward. This means letting your personality come through in your online brand so you stand out from the crowd. To show off who you really are and create a strong online persona that is attractive to employers, you should:

Google yourself

You need to know what comes up when a potential employer searches you. Ideally, make certain the top searches for your name are positive employment-related things like your professional portfolio. You should also be careful what you, your friends and family post, as you do not want your name coming up in connection with anything controversial or likely to make employers think twice about hiring you.

Build an online portfolio that shows off your skills

Providing tangible proof of your skills is important so you can showcase your talents to employers. If you build up an online portfolio, you can link to it from your social media accounts, put it on your business card and promote it to employers. This will make it easy for companies to get a good grasp of why they should hire you and who you are as an employee.

Make sure your social media profiles reflect who you want to be

Your social media profiles should show you are a competent, skilled professional who would be an asset to any business organization.

By making sure every website you have online shows off your best self, you can use the internet as an asset to show employers why they want to hire you. Of course, even with all of the opportunities the internet presents, there is still no substitute for getting professional help from a staffing service during the job search. Vanguard Staffing knows how to help job seekers get hired for their dream positions. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find work.

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