If you are in the sales profession, you know you should ALWAYS be looking for ways to improve your sales numbers. Finding ways to sell more can help you impress your boss and have a direct impact on your income if you are paid on commission. It is worth the effort to think about how you can bolster sales, even if you think you are doing pretty good, as you may find different techniques you hadn’t even thought of trying.

So, how can you improve your sales success in 2017?

Be patient and avoid pestering clients

It can be tempting to keep contacting clients over and over to try to push a sale, but this can just be off-putting. You want to be accessible and available and follow up appropriately, but give clients time to come to a decision.

Show your potential clients you are a partner

Focus your marketing efforts specifically to your potential clients and tailor your content to them. Remember, they aren’t buying to increase your sales … they are buying to solve a problem or fill a need  their own company has. If you can identify a need and show them how your products or services can fulfill it, you are much more likely to get a sale.

Help clients make the right decisions for their company

You should work to develop long-term relationships with clients. This is only possible if you are focused on more than just making a quick sale. Invest the time to learn what your clients need so you can provide the kind of products and services that fulfill their desires.

By following these tips, you can achieve big increases in the amount that you are able to sell. Of course, your sales success is also going to be driven by how great the product is and what the company’s policies are you are selling for. You need to find a company you can believe in that treats its sales staff right. Vanguard Staffing can help. Contact our staffing professionals today to learn how we can assist you in finding the sales job of your dreams.

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