Your resume should include any jobs you have done are most relevant to the position you are applying for.  Temp work is actually a great way to show a potential employer you’ve acquired important skills and you have continued to develop your abilities during a period when you do not have full-time employment.

You should be sure to include your temp positions on your resume because of the following three reasons.

You can showcase new skills

Every job you have teaches you something. You want to demonstrate to your potential new employers how experienced and well rounded you are, and listing temp work allows you to do that. Focus on any temporary jobs that are related to the current position you are trying to be hired for.

Taking temp jobs shows you are willing to learn

Temporary workers are constantly thrust into new work situations where they have to acquire knowledge quickly to do their jobs properly. By showing off your success in temporary positions, you can convince an employer you are a fast learner who will be a strong asset to their organization.

Listing temp work ensures you don’t have unexplained gaps in your resume

Employers can sometimes get nervous you haven’t kept up with your industry if you have big gaps in your employment record. By listing the temp work you were doing, you are able to avoid these gaps and let employers see you have been continuously employed. This will bolster a potential employer’s confidence you have kept up-to-date on what is going on within your industry, even if you have not had full-time work for a while

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