Vanguard Staffing can help you to land an interview for an accounting position with one of the top companies who is looking to hire people like you. It’s up to you to impress the hiring manager at your interview, though, and this means being prepared to answer some key questions that show you have the skills to succeed.

Some of the queries you can expect to face when you interview for an accounting job include the following:

How do you stay up to date with the latest accounting news/regulations?

Accountants must know changing rules and new requirements because the consequences can be serious if all regulations are not followed. Anyone who is hiring you for an accounting position is going to want to know how you stay on top of developments in your field. Do you follow outlets on social media? Do you subscribe to any publications? Which newspapers or magazines do you read? How often do you watch the news? All of that information will show if you care about staying up to date on the industry.

Which software have you used?

Many of the basic functions that accountants do are increasingly becoming automated. Companies are hiring you for your expertise, and ability to interpret and apply information. They don’t just want someone who will spend their time doing rote calculations that a computer can do much faster. Hiring managers want to know that you have the ability to use software tools to be more productive in your work. Having an example of a new software program you learned is a great way to earn points with the hiring manager. They may have a new software program but if you have the general skills, you can pick it up quickly.

What types of reports have you generated? 

The company may need you to handle specific report generation, such as generating cash flow reports or income reports. You will almost assuredly be asked what kinds of reports you are comfortable doing so the hiring manager will know if you can meet their needs. Explain how often you had to run the reports. Did you find a more efficient method? Did you learn anything from the report?

What do you think makes for a good accountant?

The company who is hiring you likely has an idea in their mind of what an ideal accountant will do for their business. They want to know if your idea of a good accountant matches up with theirs. Most companies will know the skills they want to hire for and if you match those skills, it will help your chances at advancing in the job search.

Work with a Top Staffing Agency in Westchester

As a skilled and professional accountant, you need to be ready to show off your knowledge. Being prepared in advance to answer these questions should let you demonstrate your abilities so you can advance your career.  Of course, you need to get the interview first. Reach out to Vanguard Staffing and work with a top staffing agency in Westchester to find out how our staffing professionals can help you get interviews for top accounting jobs.

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