When you are applying for a job, you’re probably going to be communicating with the company via email. Although email is an informal means of communication in most cases, the emails you send when looking for a job must be professional and designed to impress.

Unfortunately, many people make email etiquette mistakes that end up costing them work opportunities. You can avoid this by ensuring you don’t make these major email mistakes:

Using a bad email address

You want your email to be professional, so if your email address is something silly or it sounds like a teenager’s email address, it may be time to make a change. Often, just using your first and last name as your email address is your best approach. No need to get creative and risk offending someone. If you have a popular name, consider using a period in between your names or adding a number, such as your birth year.

Emailing too much… and apologizing for doing it

There’s nothing wrong with sending a follow-up email when you apply for a job, and you should send a thank you and follow up after an interview. However, you do not want to email excessively. You could be seen as a pest and come across as looking desperate. Don’t apologize when you send a follow-up email either. While it may seem polite to say “Sorry, I don’t mean to bother you,” you shouldn’t include this language and make the hiring manager think you are being a bother. If you are emailing so frequently that you feel the need to apologize for it, you’re probably emailing too often. Don’t do that.

Sending generic blast emails that aren’t personalized

You might think people don’t realize when you send out the same generic job email to many different companies who may be hiring. The reality is, hiring managers can tell when you haven’t taken the time to personalize the email. You should include details about the position and tailor your email to the job you are applying for so your email is more likely to create a positive impression.

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