One of the most challenging parts of being an accountant is explaining financial data to people who aren’t good with numbers. There may be many leaders in your organization who aren’t very good at math and who don’t have the intuitive understanding of numbers that you do. Your ability to present information to them in an informative and understandable way is going to impact how they view your work product.

If you are good at distilling data into a manageable form, you are likely to be an in-demand asset and your career should be a successful one. You’ll need to show a hiring manager you have this talent and be able to showcase this skill.

Below are questions you may be asked in an interview about how you explain data in an understandable way to middle management, corporate executives or co-workers you have to deal with in your company.

What experience do you have in handling that?

A hiring manager wants to know you have dealt with a situation in the past where you had to explain financial data to someone without a lot of numbers know-how. You should be prepared with specific examples of presentations you may have made or reports you may have prepared for people in your company who don’t deal with numbers all day.

How do you learn what they want?

One part of your job may be explaining financial data to people not familiar with it. Another part involves getting explanations from people who don’t know numbers. If an executive or company leader wants you to prepare a report, but doesn’t necessarily have the technical language to tell you what they need, how will you know what to do? Explain to the hiring manager how you have overcome this barrier in the past and what skills you use to discern the types of data that must be made available.

Which communication methods do you use?

Show the hiring manager you understand the challenges that come with presenting financial data to people without accounting backgrounds. Share some of the ways you’ve distilled the data down to a level that a layperson can understand, while still getting the important points across.

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