When you bring a new administrative employee onto your staff, you need to go through an onboarding process, right?  The right onboarding process can help set your employee up to be a valuable asset to your business.

The question many companies have is, how long should the onboarding process take? Is there a time when you’re done? Consider these tips to find out the answer:

When should you stop the onboarding process? The correct answer is never!

If you hire a good admin, with help from Vanguard Staffing, the administrative professional you bring in will always want to learn and improve.  If you continue to help your administrative support staff understand how their role fits within your changing and evolving company, they can provide much more valuable service to your business.

Onboarding is more intense in the beginning.

When a new staff member first joins your team this is the most important time for onboarding. You have to do the required stuff in the beginning, including preparing paperwork, staff training and teaching the admin the ins and outs of their job. Never shortcut this process, as the initial onboarding steps you take will shape the admin’s relationship with the company for the entirety of their tenure with your organization.

Continued training can help staff feel like you appreciate them.

Continuing to train and invest in your admins after the initial phase will not only equip staff with the skills to help you company grow, it will also ensure you keep employee motivation high. If an admin feels they are constantly learning and are valued members of the team, they will be more likely to stay with your company for the long term and give the job their all. Good talent is hard to find, so don’t take your admin staff for granted.

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