As a project manager, you likely have a lot of skills that are valuable to your employer. You know how to motivate staff, manage large projects to completion by deadline and keep everyone on track to meet company goals.

One skill you may not have: risk management. Risk management is the process of anticipating risks, evaluating the likelihood of different risk factors and taking steps to mitigate risks. Learning these skills can make you a more valuable project manager, but are they skills you can pick up on the job? Here are a few considerations to think about:

It’s hard to learn risk management skills without experience because it’s nearly impossible to think of every contingency.

As you are doing your job, you can and should try to imagine what could go wrong. Without a background in risk management though, it is likely there are a lot of potential contingencies you will miss. Still, you want to train your brain to anticipate all possible problems so you can prepare.

To get better at risk management, look for ways to avoid surprises.

Mentally go through the different steps in the project. Think about pitfalls you have experienced in the past or possible issues that could arise during this particular project. Even if you cannot anticipate every surprise, the more “unexpected” events you can plan for, the better.

Ask for help.

While you may not be experienced at risk management, there may be people in your company who have backgrounds in this field and would be willing to lend their expertise. It is important to know who to ask for help so you can get the best advice. Look at your company’s roster of professionals to find out who would be a good fit to turn to for advice.

If you see a potential risk, assess the situation and think through all possible options.

Talk with your client or the company you work with about the risks you have identified and the ways to mitigate them.

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