Having a happy life is important. Being happy can help you be healthier, plus you’ll benefit from feeling good instead of stressed or sad.  There are some things everyone can do to enhance their happiness. Try these four hacks to improve your outlook and up your happiness quotient:

Pursue your passion, and do what you want to do.

Most people spend at least a third of their day (and half their waking hours) at work. Depending upon your job, you may spend more time at work than you spend either sleeping or enjoying leisure time. You want to love your job, or at least like it, because it is very difficult to be really happy if you’re spending half your time doing something you hate.

Have a positive attitude.

Attitude is everything when it comes to being happy. If you are constantly focused on the negatives,  negatives are all you will see. Commit to becoming a glass-half-full person. If you catch yourself complaining or having negative thoughts, make a conscious effort to reorient your thinking and focus on something good.

Be thankful for what you have, like your family and friends.

You probably have a lot in your life that is good, and you may take these things for granted. Make a point to recognize the valuable contributions your family and friends make to your life and take time to think about how lucky you are to have people you care about.

Find a way to help other people:

Giving back to others can add tremendous value to your life. See if there is a way you can contribute to your community that you feel comfortable doing.

Having a great job is also going to make a big impact on your happiness. If you love what you do and are appreciated by your boss, your working hours will be much more enjoyable. And since you spend many hours a day at work, this can translate into a big boost to overall happiness.

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