Automation is not just an issue in low-wage, low-skilled fields. Many accounting tasks are becoming automated. Data can be analyzed and reports can be generated by computers, and software programs have been developed to help companies handle everything from taxes to payroll.

To make sure your skills are in demand, even as more accounting functions are automated, you must ensure you have perfected the skills a computer cannot handle. Some of the ways you can add value include:

Providing context to reports

A computer can put a bunch of numbers on paper, but often cannot evaluate those numbers in a broader context. When a financial report has been prepared, think about what it teaches and how the data can be used to achieve company goals. You want to ensure the report doesn’t just provide data, but also interprets and analyzes it so it has practical value for making business decisions.

Determining what reports must be created

You do not need to create reports. Computers can do that. What computers cannot do is decide what you need to know. Computers can only work with the data you provide to them and will only produce the outputs you direct them to produce. It is up to you to identify the different reports that will be of value and to ensure the computer is producing the data your company needs.

Presenting data in a way that makes sense to decision-makers

Once a report is prepared, the data in that report needs to be understood by people who may not have a math, accounting or technical background. The computer cannot explain the reports or create a presentation that puts the reports in context. You can.

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