If your company wants to grow, it is imperative you bring in the right talent to help you achieve that goal. When your company expands, the pool of talent you need is going to change. You need staff members who can innovate, are primed to succeed in a fast-paced environment and are confident in coping with change.

Your hiring strategy needs to both advance your company’s interests and allow you to build the right staff for your company’s future. Ask yourself these questions to make sure you’ve adopted the right pro-growth hiring strategy:

Are you promoting the right people to new positions?

Promoting from in-house allows you to build institutional memory and take full advantage of the skills your current staff members bring to the table. You want to ensure you can recognize talent on your current team and promote the right staff members. Not only does this help your company build a strong staff that truly knows your business goals, it will also stop your talent from leaving for competitors.

Are you helping develop the right skills?

You not only want to recognize talent in your staff, you also want to cultivate it. It is important to train professionals within your organization so they will have the specific set of skills that can make it possible for your organization to expand.

Are you creating the right job descriptions to attract the right talent?

Whether you hire from inside or outside the company, you need to know what kinds of candidates you are looking for. You want to ensure the job ads and job descriptions you write are going to attract people with the specific skills you require.

What are you missing internally and how can you fill those gaps?

Knowing who you need to hire involves knowing where your company’s weaknesses are. You want a well-rounded staff who can work as a part of cohesive team, and you want team members to have different skills that complement each other. A staffing service can help you target your candidate search to find the people with the specific combination of talent and knowledge you need to fill gaps in your current knowledge base.

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