If you are a sales professional, closing the deal is the key to your success. You need to constantly build your repertoire of sales techniques and skills to help you impress potential clients and can land more accounts.

Focusing on these skills should help you enhance your sales abilities so you can exceed your quotas, earn more commission, advance in your career and wow your boss.

It’s not what you think – don’t focus on closing

The old advice, always be closing, may not apply as well in the modern marketplace where the internet has opened up more options and both business and consumer buyers are more educated. Instead of just focusing on getting a signature on the dotted line, take a different tactic. Focus on building a relationship with those you want to sell to, and learning their needs so you can match them to the products or services that will suit them best.

Serve in a consultative capacity by offering advice and sharing your knowledge

You want to show any potential buyers what your product or service can do and how it can help them achieve their goals. You role is to be a thoughtful partner helping them use their products or services to meet an unmet need.

Find the right solution for everyone.

You don’t want to just make a sale. You want to find a solution that is the right fit for the company and for you as a sales manager or sales professional.

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