If you are hiring marketing professionals for your organization, it’s vital to ensure those marketing professionals can think on their feet, juggle the tasks assigned to them, and respond in creative and effective ways to solve problems.  Assessing whether a job candidate has these skills can be a challenge, but asking behavioral questions can provide more insight.

Here are three of the key behavioral questions you want to ask to get a clear picture of whether a marketing candidate is the right one.

How did you deal with difficult feedback you received from a client?

Creating an effective marketing strategy is often a collaborative project, as marketing staff works with others in your organization to find ways to sell your products or services using an approach that builds your brand. You want a marketing professional who is able to take tough feedback and, instead of getting defensive or shutting down, will use that feedback to reach new heights of creativity. Listen to see if the candidate explains, in detail, how they took difficult feedback and allowed it to empower them to make something great. If it was a heated conversation at the start, how did they listen to their feedback in a way that led to constructive criticism and ultimately a successful project?

How have you handled a social media mistake?

Social media can make or break companies today. Businesses with entertaining tweets or informative Facebook posts can get millions of views and endless free publicity by going “viral.” At the same time, a bad post can attract eyeballs for the wrong reasons and hurt your brand. You need someone who can react quickly to errors to diffuse any negative effects that could result. Look for a candidate who was effective in timely damage control after a problem happened. Did they have a social media damage control plan in place? Do they now? What did they learn from the situation?

Explain your process for meeting deadlines when handling multiple projects

Your company likely has many different strategies to reach various audiences and push different products or services. You don’t want anything to fall through the cracks, so you must ensure the marketing professional you hire is going to be able to prioritize their time and move seamlessly from task to task while getting everything accomplished by the deadline. Multi-tasking is a double-edged sword. Studies show focusing on multiple tasks at once doesn’t work well, but being able to handle multiple project simultaneously is imperative.

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