Media planners establish and oversee a company’s media plan so the company can create effective content and ensure that it is reaching the right eyes. Media planners must have many skills, including creativity and strong organizational abilities. Their jobs are interesting and engaging, and they can make a major difference in how a company is viewed and how successful the organization is.

If you are thinking about a career that allows you to think outside the box, while also harnessing your creativity in an organized fashion to achieve positive results for a business, a job as a media planner could be right for you. Here are some of the tasks that you will do during your career as a media planner.

Developing a media plan based on a company’s desired objectives

Every company needs to have clear objectives for how they want to embrace media, for what types of content they want to produce and share, and for how to measure success of media campaigns.  Media planners create the broad framework for successful campaigns and then move forward to ensure media strategies are appropriately executed. Planning is a skill few people enjoy. Find a way to make it a strength and allow that to set you apart from the competition.

Driving media strategies for different client accounts

Different clients require a different approach to managing media. Good media planners can create customized strategies that are right for the needs of each individual organization. As a consultant, force-fitting your strategy to all clients won’t work. It will show you aren’t listening to their goals and just want to use your tailor-made solution for everyone.

Managing advertising

Media planners schedule, post and track company advertising so the right ads reach the appropriate target audience at the best time to prompt action. How can you stay organized in this area? If you are juggling advertising content across platforms, it’s imperative you have the results accurate and organized to share with the appropriate parties when they need the data.

Exploring online media solutions

Companies must understand and embrace online media solutions to reach the widest audiences and in order to build their brand by making interactive connections. Media planners understand online media solutions and actively seek out the right online mediums to help companies achieve goals.

Measuring performance

Media planners must compile weekly performance reports in order to determine what types of media are most effective at reaching desired audiences and to assess which ads provide the best return on investment. The key skill in this area is to take that report and make it easy to understand. Numbers can become overwhelming and too many of them become counterproductive. Create a report that anyone in the organization can understand quickly.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Stamford

If you have media planning experience or if you have the right skills and background and want to embark on a new career as a media planner, Vanguard Staffing can help you to find a position that would be a good fit for your particular skills and abilities. Give us a call to learn more details about what media planners do and to find out how a top staffing agency in Stamford can help you build a career as a successful media planner.