If you’re working as an entry-level accountant, you may be eager to move up in the world. To advance in your profession, you need to learn leadership skills. This can seem difficult, as you may believe there are limited opportunities to learn how to lead when you’re at the bottom of the totem poll.

The good news is, even in an entry-level position, there are ways to work on developing your leadership skills so you’ll be ready for a promotion. To become a better leader as an entry-level accountant:

Build your confidence

Focus on all of the successes you are having in your current career so you’ll grow more confident about your skills, become better able to sell yourself, and develop the certainty that you know enough to educate and lead others.

Learn how to ask for help

Great leaders know when to ask for help. Cultivate this skill as an entry-level accountant. Not only will you be able to learn new things by asking co-workers and higher-ups for help when needed, you’ll also show you are ambitious and not afraid to do what it takes to acquire the skills needed for success.

Acquire as many new skills as possible

Take the opportunity to volunteer for projects outside your comfort zone, find mentors, observe the work that executives do and learn as much as you can on the job. The real-world skills you acquire can make it much easier for you to advance.

Practice effective communication

Good leaders are both excellent listeners and speakers who are skilled at getting their point across. In every interaction, with peers, clients and higher-ups, focus on how you can communicate more clearly and effectively. Take the time to really listen to what others are saying and to evaluate how clearly you are communicating your points.

Get things done

Make certain your company and clients can count on you by showing you are a reliable team player. Find ways to solve problems creatively and effectively and prove to yourself and others at your organization you are a go-getter who can achieve success.

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