Are you interested in a job in customer service? You may be competing with other candidates for open positions at companies that offer a good work environment, competitive wages and benefits. You want to show the hiring manager you are the best person for the position; however, this means you need to know what skills and characteristics are most in demand.

While every company has their own specific hiring criteria, some of the key things you want to showcase in order to help you land a customer service job include:

An ability to accept criticism

In every position, there is always room for improvement. As a customer service representative, you should be looking for ways to improve your own skills so you can help companies to provide a better customer experience. You need to be able to take criticism and do something constructive with it – like becoming better – rather than simply getting frustrated or defensive.

The ability to empathize with frustrated customers

As a customer service rep, you are representing the company, and your ability to handle a customer’s complaints is going to make a huge difference in how that customer ultimately feels about the business. Companies want to hire customer service representatives that can calm upset customers down and find ways to turn those negative customers into happier ones. The stronger your empathy skills, the more a customer will feel they’re being listened to and the more likely the customer is to end the conversation feeling better about his situation.

Your strong problem-solving skills

Customer service representatives need to be able to take the initiative and find solutions to problems so customers will end their interaction satisfied. While there may be some things you don’t have the authority to handle on your own, the company that hires you does not want you asking for help with every tiny problem a customer has. You’re supposed to find ways to satisfy the customer, and good problem-solving skills will help ensure you’re successful at this task.

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