Are you interested in a career in managing a staff who you help accomplish great things? There are certain skills managers must have that you will need to cultivate if you want to move into a leadership position. Managers also must have confidence in their abilities in order to inspire others to follow them.

If you’re hoping to become a manager, but you have concerns, it’s important to overcome any fears you may have. You’ll have to stop worrying about:

How to change your personality to excel

You may be worried about whether you’re outgoing enough to be a manager; give up this concern. Either develop your people skills through practice so you can gain the confidence to be as outgoing as you want to be, or recognize you can find a management style that works for you even if you’re not the most outgoing person in the room. Not every leader needs to light up the room as soon as they walk in. Very successful managers lead high-performing teams by being transparent, knowledgeable and respectful toward their team members.

Whether or not everyone likes you

Managers must be able to give criticism. If you are overly concerned with being everyone’s friend and aren’t willing to speak up because you fear someone won’t like you, you’ll never be able to lead others. Recognize that your job is sometimes not to be liked, and find ways to criticize that are fair and effective. Remember, effective criticism takes places in a private setting and provides constructive feedback. Yelling and throwing tantrums won’t work. However, being their best friend won’t work either. Finding that happy medium will yield success.

Whether you can trust people to do their job

While you do need to supervise staff and make sure they are meeting their goals, you don’t want to micromanage or try to take on every responsibility yourself out of concern about whether people will meet your exacting standards. Figure out how to set goals, to establish benchmarks to determine if staff is achieving those goals, and sit back and give your staff a little leeway to bring their own creative approach to solving problems. If your team isn’t producing, that’s the time to micromanage, but it shouldn’t be your first reaction. Develop training and educate your team members to produce great results on their own. Set them up for success!

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