Your company should have a business plan and you should hire staff members, including accounting professionals, who can turn plans into reality. Unfortunately, many companies do not ensure their hiring strategy is in keeping with fulfilling their plan.

If you don’t utilize the right hiring strategy, you could end up with a staff that doesn’t have the skills to achieve success and find your business has an unproductive staff with high turnover. To help ensure this does not happen to your business:

Create a talent plan

A talent plan is a detailed plan that allows you to determine what positions must be filled to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. The plan should be created by carefully assessing the metrics for success set forth in your business plan and by determining how human resources can help you achieve those goals. The plan will help your organization create its overarching hiring strategy to ensure you can fill critical positions with top-notch candidates. Do you want to grow in a certain department or a certain skill in that department? Find the job candidates who bring that skill set to your organization.

Develop a recruiting process guided by your talent plan

With your talent plan providing the blueprint, you can develop a comprehensive strategy for candidate recruitment. The talent plan should be used to determine what positions must be fulfilled and what soft and hard skills a candidate should have for each open job. Write job descriptions and establish hiring criteria based on the specifics of your talent plan. Are you looking for more tax accountants? Which skills did your most successful tax accounts feature previously – both in hard skills and soft skills? Continue to evolve that profile during your recruitment.

Measure your success and adjust recruiting efforts

As you hire staff members, monitor their performance and track turnover rates. This will help you determine how successful your recruitment process is and what tweaks must be made to bring candidates on board who may be a better fit. Ensure you have measurable benchmarks for success so you can fairly evaluate candidates, and consider what traits the best candidates have as you streamline your recruitment strategy. Should they be introverts? Does your office favor outgoing personalities? Can you teach them one skill but found it’s nearly impossible to teach another vital skill for your organization? Find the right mix and make your recruiting match that profile.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Westchester

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