If you are looking for work as a project manager, you’ll want to showcase your skills and prove to employers you have what it takes to successfully guide their projects to completion. Project management is a complex process that requires careful attention to detail and a thought-out strategy. There are different approaches to project management, and you’ll need to convince a hiring manager you have a solid strategy to meet deadlines and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

If you’re interviewing for a project management job and want to show a potential employer you have a proactive, effective approach to managing any project, here are a few ideas for explaining a project management style that is sure to impress your potential new employer. You can explain how:

You centralize information but let the team work

Good project managers don’t micromanage or stifle the creativity of team members. They create the conditions and provide the knowledge and resources necessary to allow a team to complete the project and exceed expectations. Creating benchmarks is important but continually asking for reports and status updates leads to inefficiency and substandard results.

Specialized teams use the knowledge you provide to set goals and work to achieve them

Teams should set their goals based on your guidance about the overall project purpose. Good project managers are able to guide team members towards setting ambitious goals, while giving the team enough freedom and flexibility to devise their own goals so they’re more likely to be engaged in achieving them. Effective project managers will set the guidelines and allow their teams to create those lofty goals, which are goals the project manager wanted from the start. Being able to get your team to create them leads to even better results.

Teams teach each other and share information

Project managers excel if they can create an environment where teams work collaboratively and draw from a shared knowledge base to maximize effectiveness. Explain to a potential employer how you foster productive teamwork as a project manager. Describe situations where parts of the team didn’t want to work together or didn’t see the value of collaboration. Share how you bridged that gap and fostered an attitude of teamwork for the success of the project.

You inspire teams to have a common goal and shared purpose

Finally, a successful project manager ensures that everyone is working together to achieve a specific, measurable goal – and to ensure the goal is achieved by the desired deadline. Does your goal have a timeline? Is it realistic? Can it be achieved with the current personnel and available resources? How will you measure progress; weekly, monthly and quarterly?

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