If you are searching for a job and growing increasingly frustrated because you’re not landing interviews with companies you want to work for, you are in a tough position. Unfortunately, many people who struggle to get an interview will end up telling themselves comforting lies, rather than getting to the root of the problem and finding out why they aren’t an in-demand candidate.

Don’t delude yourself into thinking outside forces are conspiring to stop you from getting your dream job, especially if a mistaken belief causes you not to make changes that could expand your career potential. Four key lies you don’t want to tell yourself to justify the fact you aren’t getting interviews include the following:

You are applying to plenty of jobs

It may seem like you are sending out enough resumes, but the reality is you may have to apply to dozens or even hundreds of jobs in order to find one for which you are a perfect fit. If you are sending out one or two resumes a day and no one is biting, it is time to up your game and begin sending out your resume to many more employers.

Your current job is good enough

If you began your job search because you wanted a better opportunity and are frustrated because you aren’t getting interviews, it’s tempting to give up and decide there is nothing better out there. This is likely untrue, and you shouldn’t give up looking and just settle for a job you were unhappy enough with to begin a job hunt.

Recruiters will come to you

It is up to you to advance your career. Unless you are truly exceptional in your field, recruiters are not going to go out of their way to find you. You need to reach out to people who can help you land the position you want.

You cannot change your career trajectory

If you start to feel hopeless about the interview process, you may feel career success is out of your control. It isn’t, though. Yes, you need a hiring manager to become interested enough to interview you – but there are lots of things you can do to make that happen, including tailoring your resume and cover letter to each position you apply for.

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