When you’re trying to land a job in finance, you need impressive credentials to capture the attention of recruiters. You also need to work on building your professional network and your credibility within the field of finance so you can maximize your chances of getting hired. There’s one great way to both boost your profile so you can catch the eye of recruiters and to show off your credentials: Make a perfect LinkedIn Profile.

If you’re signed up for LinkedIn, you’ve already taken the first step. Now, you can simply follow these five key tips to make sure that your profile portrays you as an ideal candidate financial recruiters will be racing to hire:

1. Include a professional photo

You want to come across as competent, capable and professional. You should make sure that you are dressed in business attire and that you look put together. By putting a photo on your LinkedIn profile, you can put a face with a name and show that you will fit in well in a business environment.

2. Keep your profile up-to-date with your current responsibilities

It’s important to show off all the skills you have and all the responsibilities you have been entrusted with so potential employers can get a full measure of your talents and abilities. Make sure to update your existing job description with any new roles you have taken on or projects you have become involved with.

3. Include data from projects you’ve been involved in or completed

If you can share information about your work without violating confidences, you should show off some specifics about what you’ve been doing. The more detailed you are about what you can do, the more likely it is that an employer will be impressed enough to reach out to you.

4. Show thought leadership

Join LinkedIn groups, write articles, make connections, and include links to publications where you show off your skills. By demonstrating that you are a thought leader in the financial field, you will become an in-demand hire.

5. Include real recommendations

You shouldn’t be the only one attesting to your skills and abilities on your LinkedIn page. Make sure to include recommendations from those who know your work and who can speak to your talents.

By following these tips, your profile will stand out among accountants and other financial professionals looking for work within a competitive industry.

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