Working as a creative professional often means you can use your talent for a diverse array of organizations and that you have a chance to work on a wide variety of different projects so your job never gets boring. However, in the creative arts field, you’re often working only at short-term assignments and must be constantly on the lookout for your next career opportunity.

If you want to succeed in a field where you’re regularly looking for new work, you need to be smart about when you begin searching for new assignments. In fact, you should:

Begin looking for your new assignment as soon as you start your current one

Depending upon the length of the assignment, you may have only a few weeks or a few months to find a new opportunity. You want to ideally have a new job lined up already before you leave your old one. Beginning to look for new work early allows you to avoid a lull where you have no work and no income. It also gives you the chance to be more selective about the job you take next since you’ll have more time to find a good fit.

Work with a recruiter or a staffing agency to help you to look for new opportunities

A staffing agency or recruiting professional can help you to find out about upcoming opportunities that could be available when your current position ends. Recruiters at Vanguard Creative Staffing always know of companies who need creative workers and are waiting for someone just like you to take on their projects.

Talk with your current company to find out what their long-term plans are

Your current employer may be eager to offer you another assignment when you’re done with the current one. If you know you’ll be able to do another job with the same employer, this relieves the stress of looking outside of the organization for a new position.

Find Your Next Assignment with Vanguard Creative Staffing

Vanguard Creative Staffing helps creative professionals to advance their careers by helping to place graphic designers, copyrighters, PR specialists, and other creative workers in great jobs where they will have the opportunity to excel. We can help you to maintain a steady stream of work opportunities so you’re never left scrambling for your next gig when one job is done. Give us a call today to find out more about how our team of creative recruiters in Stamford is ready to help.