If you are working in the accounting field, you’ll have a big choice to make when it comes to the direction your career will take. You’ll need to decide about whether you want to be a private accountant directly employed by a business, or whether you would prefer to be a public accountant who works with different kinds of clients.

Both public and private accountants can have tremendous opportunities for career success, but their jobs require different skills and have different advantages and disadvantages. If you are not sure which option is right for you, here are a few things to consider:

Private accountants have one client; public accountants have many

If you prefer to work as an in-house corporate accountant for one company, working as a private accountant is your best option. If you work as a public accountant, you’ll usually be employed by an accounting firm or could start your own accounting firm. You will have many different clients, which could include different businesses, individuals, or the government.

Private accountants usually have a more consistent schedule

Because public accountants usually work to try to acquire billable hours, often a workweek involves long hours. Public accountants may have unpredictable hours as well, as they will work more when they have a demanding client who needs lots of services and will work less during slow times. Private accountants who work for one company can usually plan their schedules better and have more consistent schedules.

Public accountants have more diversity in their tasks

When you work as a private accountant, you get to know the company you work for and you do the same routine tasks on a regular basis. If you work as a public accountant, your work will change regularly as you get new clients with different needs and in different industries.

Public accountants must pass the CPA exam

You cannot be a Certified Public Accountant unless you pass this exam. A private accountant could advance more in their career if they pass the CPA exam; however, taking the exam is not required.

Public accountants often earn more than private accountants

Of course, public accountants may have to work more hours and cope with more stressful jobs to earn this extra income.

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