If you have admin staff at your organization, you know it is important to your company’s overall productivity to keep the morale of your administrative employees high. You don’t want turnover and you want your admin staff to be as productive as possible. Keeping your employees happy is key to both boosting productivity and keeping employees on the job for the long haul.

There are lots of different management techniques you can use to keep your admins happy. One of the most important is to give your staff information about the decisions you make. Sharing information about internal company decisions can raise morale because:

Sharing the reasoning behind decisions helps staff members embrace change

When employees feel as though they are not being given a say in how they perform their day-to-day tasks, this can create frustration and anger that leads to lowered morale and higher turnover.  If employees know the rationale behind why decisions are made, they are more likely to be OK with change since they won’t feel as if they’re being dictated to from the top down.

Employees will be more reassured

If you have bad news, it is important to share why the specific decisions were made. Be caring and authentic, and make sure staff members understand how they fit in the long-term picture even as circumstances change. If employees know why you’re taking the actions you have chosen to take, they won’t take it personally and will feel more reassured about their own job security.

Communicating about changes helps build long-term trust

Employees will be more loyal to your company if they feel they can count on you to be honest with them and discuss their future in realistic terms. When you fail to provide information on why changes are happening or don’t fill staff members in so they feel in control of their future, this can cause a breakdown of trust and have a long-term impact on productivity.

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