If you have been fired from a job and are involved in the hunt for your next career, you’re probably pretty nervous about how you will address your termination in your next interview. It can be challenging to explain you were fired, but recounting the experience does not have to be a burdensome process that makes landing a new position more difficult.

You’ll need to be prepared to explain your firing, and these tips can help you ensure your past termination is not a big hindrance for job interviews in the future:

Come to terms with the termination

If you’re still bitter, sad or angry over the termination, it will be harder for you to talk about it with a level head and your emotions will probably come through when asked about it in an interview. Accept it as water under the bridge, learn from it, and focus on the future.

Be honest, but brief, about your experience

Be honest about the circumstances that led to the termination, but don’t go into every detail or offer long explanations or justifications. Instead, prepare a brief explanation with facts you can relay in a calm and professional tone.

Avoid saying anything negative about your former employer

If you bad-mouth your employer, this is sure to create a very bad impression. The hiring manager will be concerned about what you’ll eventually say about their organization, and will likely view you as the problem even if you had a legitimate grievance with your prior employer.

Prepare in advance what you’ll say

You’ll be asked about why you left your last job, so there is no reason for the question to come as a surprise. Practice your answer so you have a prepared response ready to go.

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