You may have heard that a certification can help you advance your career. This can be true in some cases, especially when you don’t have a full-time job or are looking to move into a different field. If you’ve thought that a certification can help you achieve the next level of your career, it’s time to take a deeper look at your options and move forward. Here are some of the impacts a certification can have on your career and how to find, and take, these tests.

It can bridge your experience gap.

If you don’t think you have enough experience to land your next job opportunity, a certification can help bridge that gap. While employers certain value on-the-job experience, they also value the knowledge potential employees gain through certification.

Demonstrates your expertise.

Possessing a certification says to a potential employer that you not only possess this knowledge, but that you active pursued the credentials expected within your industry. A certification is definitive proof that you have this expertise, rather than relying on your resume as an indicator.

Provides access to better opportunities.

A certification can make all the difference in the type of position you can get. There can be a big gap between a certified project manager and someone who has no official training but has run a couple of internal projects. Maybe you want to get into the Adobe suite of projects. Earning certification in that area will make you stand out from a non-certified job candidate.

Shows dedication to the subject.

You’ve also demonstrated the fact that you’re willing to work hard to reach your goals. This not only speaks to your specific experience and expertise with a subject, but just your overall dedication to pursuing the next phase of your career. This is a positive personal trait that employers are looking for.

How do you get a certification?

If you want to obtain a certification in your current field, start by considering local programs or even into online tutorials or classes. Talk with other people in your industry and learn which programs are the best and which programs aren’t worth your time and money.

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