If you are hoping to land a promotion, you’ll need to show your employer you’re a great asset to the organization who is worthy of advancement. Fortunately, there is one surefire way to demonstrate that you are ready to move up into a better job: you need to overperform.

Overperforming at your current position shows you are invested in the company’s success and you care a lot about what you’re doing, rather than just putting in your time. It shows you are ready to step into a role with more responsibility and your boss can count on you to do the job right if you land a promotion.

So, how can you overperform at your job to maximize the chances of advancing?

Make sure you’re organized

If you want to overperform and deliver more than your boss expects, you need to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. You’ll need to prioritize time management and know exactly what tasks need to be completed. Having a great organizational system can help you work more efficiently while ensuring nothing gets missed.

Ask for feedback

The only way to know if you’re satisfying your employer is to ask. Regularly consult with your boss about whether you are meeting or exceeding expectations and on areas where you can improve.

Avoid burnout

When you’re working extra hard to land a promotion, it’s easy to become burned out. This can kill your motivation and impact your work product. Make sure you take plenty of breaks from the job to free your mind and recharge so you can come back better than ever.

Always do your best

If you’re feeling tired at work or if an assignment isn’t inspiring you, it may be tempting to just phone it in and do the minimum needed to get by. Unfortunately, this won’t reflect well on you and it won’t instill confidence in your boss that you can be counted on. For every job you do, give it 100 percent, even if you aren’t into it.

Don’t be overly perfectionist

While you want to do your best at all times, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to be perfect. Setting expectations too high can lead to frustration that causes you to burn out or eventually paralyzes you and makes it hard to act at all.

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