If you are looking to hire accounting professionals who will excel in their field, one great place to turn is to colleges and universities. Established, skilled accountants have their choice of where to work, and it can be expensive and difficult to recruit them. But, if you want to bring in and nurture top talent, college students are the ideal candidates to hire. You can train these talented young accountants to do exactly the tasks you need and lock them into working for your organization now before they commit to your competitors.

If you want to bring on the best and the brightest, and make them part of your organization before a competitor can snap them up, you should:

Offer a great internship program

Most accounting students look for internships while they are still in school so they can learn the business and get their foot in the door. If you don’t offer an internship program top students will want to take part in, the most talented and ambitious members of the graduating class are likely to be snatched up by other companies that do before you even get a chance to meet them.

Attend career fairs

Career fairs give you the opportunity to meet accounting majors so you can check out the talent pool and make connections with students who might be a good fit for your organization. Going to college career fairs also gives you the chance to get to know career counselors who could steer skillful students your way.

Establish a program to recruit seniors

Your company should be involved in ongoing recruiting efforts to identify young talent and bring these skilled new accountants into your organization before competitors do.

Work With a Top Employment Agency in Westchester

Vanguard Staffing can also help you hire talented young professionals who turn to our staffing service to help them find work. We can not only place new grads with you, we can also help you to find other skilled young accountants who have the potential to grow into foremost industry experts while working at your firm or organization. To find out more about how a top staffing agency in Westchester can help you to hire accountants today who will be future industry leaders tomorrow, give us a call now.