If you are working in the creative arts, you know that sometimes your skills are undervalued. You make a strong contribution to any company or client you work for, and your creative energy is essential to the success of those who hire you. You deserve to be paid a fair salary for the contributions you make, but it is up to you to negotiate that salary for yourself so you get the money you deserve.

Some tips to help you make sure you negotiate effectively so you can earn a good income in the creative field include:

Creating a plan

If you are trying to wing it, you’re less likely to be successful at negotiating, more likely to get flustered, and more likely to come across as unprofessional. Plan out in advance exactly when to raise the issue of salary, and think about what you hope to say. You can even create a script for yourself and practice with friends or family members so you will have a good idea of how you want the conversation to go.

Staying calm

You don’t want to get angry, frustrated or sad. You also don’t want to act ungrateful or unappreciative during the negotiation process. Maintain a level head and remember not to take things personally; you’re involved in a business negotiation and you should approach the conversation with that in mind.

Knowing the appropriate range

You should carefully research what an appropriate salary would be so you know what is reasonable to ask for. You don’t want to lowball and sell yourself short, but at the same time, you don’t want to ask for a salary that is so high you price yourself out of the marketplace.

Preparing your response to a low offer

If you are offered a salary that is lower than what you had hoped for, you need to have a response prepared. Think about how low of an offer you’d be willing to take before walking away, and make sure you stick to your guns if you think an offer is too low to be worth taking the job. You should also have a response in mind if you get a lowball offer, but you believe you could work with it to come to a consensus.

Exploring the possibility of a review and a raise

If you are offered less than you want, try to negotiate for a review within a designated time frame that could potentially come with a raise. This will give you the opportunity to show your value and easily re-open negotiations in the future.

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