If you’ve become frustrated with a particular process at work because its inefficient, wasting resources and taking too much time, you may have brainstormed solutions to streamline the process and make getting the job done easier. If you’ve come up with a great new approach that you want to implement, but your manager is unwilling to give it a try, this can be really frustrating.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on the idea of implementing a process that will make your job easier and will improve productivity. There are ways to get your manager to listen. You could:

Present a pilot solution

If you have a proposal for how a change can be made, make a detailed plan to implement it. Present it to your boss, showing exactly what the process would involve and providing a clear step-by-step approach to implementing the plan.

Suggest a trial period

Your boss may not want to jump wholesale into an untested change, so suggest a trial period lasting for a limited time. If things don’t work out, your boss will know you can always return to the old process with no hard feelings.

Track all data

Track the process you are trying to modify and demonstrate its inefficiencies. Show how long particular steps in the process are taking and provide an explanation of how you could shorten the necessary time to complete tasks. If your boss agrees to implement a trial period, track any improvements in production and efficiency. Have clear data to show whether your protocol was an improvement.

Work with co-workers to support you

If your co-workers also believe the current system is inefficient, recruit them to help you to create a plan for improvement. Approach your boss jointly to explain your collective ideas for making the work process go more smoothly.

Your employer should hopefully be open to your ideas and willing to give your suggestions a chance. But if your boss consistently shoots you down and is never willing to listen to your suggestions, it may be time to start looking for new opportunities.

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