It’s important to be willing and able to accept responsibility at work and you want to be held accountable for your actions. However, you also want to make sure you are not accepting responsibility — or blame — in inappropriate circumstances. Apologizing all the time can be bad for your business reputation and can make you come across as unconfident at best and error-prone at worst.

While you definitely should respond with a heartfelt apology if you make a mistake or cause someone harm, there are things you should absolutely not apologize for. Some of the key times when you do not want to say you are sorry include the following:

When something is out of your control

You don’t want to be viewed as the person responsible when something goes wrong that is beyond your control. By apologizing, you essentially assume the brunt of the responsibility for a problem or failure you may have had nothing to do with. You don’t want to convey that you are the cause of a problem you didn’t actually create.

When you are working faster than your co-workers

Standing out from the crowd and excelling at your job should be viewed as a good thing. If you are working faster than your co-workers, you don’t want to apologize for your success. There is nothing to feel guilty for if you’re good at what you do, and you don’t want anyone to see your skills as a problem — which apologizing can lead to.

When you stand up for beliefs or things you know are right

There is nothing wrong with speaking out about your values at work, and employers will appreciate knowing you are principled, ethical and honest. You should be assertive in speaking up when you know something is wrong and you should never have to apologize for taking a principled stance.

When you talk in a meeting

Voicing your opinion and sharing your ideas makes you a valuable member of the team. If you apologize, you’ll come across as less confident and people are more likely to discount your ideas. Speak with the confidence of knowing you have a right to be heard and your boss and co-workers are much more likely to listen.

When you log off or take vacation or personal days you are owed

Taking a vacation actually makes you a better employee because you have time to recharge and unwind. Don’t apologize for taking off the time you are owed.

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