If you are looking for an accounting job and are going on financial job interviews, you may be asked how you have dealt with demanding clients in the past. Since it is inevitable you’ll encounter people who are difficult to work with at every job, it is imperative you have an answer for how you handle clients who demand more of you than they are due.

While there are many techniques that can make it easier for you to handle demanding clients, some of the key tips to offer when you are asked about handling demanding clients in an interview include the following:

Knowing what is and isn’t under your control

When clients have unreasonable expectations, it is easy to get caught up in feeling you must meet those demands. This can lead to frustration for you and disappointment for the client. Be realistic about what you can actually achieve and what is beyond your control. Explain how you take proactive steps to let clients know when there is something you cannot directly control so you can better manage client expectations and avoid disappointment.

Putting a price tag on your time

You need to understand what your skills are worth and organize your time with an understanding that it has value. This means avoiding spending a lot of time on tasks that don’t pay off or don’t directly improve client satisfaction.

Making use of the right tools

It is easier to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients if you are able to do your job efficiently and effectively. There are tools you can use to help you streamline the work process and spend your time doing the work that matters. You should be prepared to demonstrate how you have optimized your workflow so you can fulfill the expectations of clients by working smarter, not harder. 

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