Business leaders and administrative professionals need to understand how to be effective at leading others, managing talent and inspiring staff to reach their full potential. Being an effective leader and manager can be a challenge, but there are techniques you can use to be more successful and drive the success of those around you. One of those techniques is the Eisenhower box.

What is the Eisenhower box?

The Eisenhower box is based on a technique developed by Dwight Eisenhower,

the 34th President of the United States, a five-star general, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II and the Supreme Commander of NATO. Eisenhower is well known for all he accomplished, including for his incredible productivity.

The Eisenhower box is aimed at helping you to organize and prioritize the tasks

you must accomplish so you can better prioritize your time.

The Eisenhower box is a matrix.

At the top are two boxes where you should list important tasks. At the bottom are two boxes where you list unimportant tasks. The two boxes on the left side are for urgent tasks and the two boxes on the right are for non-urgent tasks. Your box may look like this:


Not Urgent
Not Important

The Eisenhower Box helps you categorize tasks you spend your time doing.

Urgent tasks are tasks those you feel require action on your part, such as news stories you need to read. Important tasks are tasks that can help you achieve your longer-term goals and can help you achieve core tasks essential for your mission.

By using the Eisenhower box, you can not only better prioritize how you spend your time, you can also identify tasks that you can eliminate. This should allow you to root out time wasters so you can stop engaging in these tasks or delegate them to others.

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