When you are interviewing for a marketing position, you may be asked to evaluate the company’s current marketing. This is a delicate question to answer because you want to show you would add value and make improvements – but you do not want to cause offense or come across as critical to their current ad campaign.

To make sure you answer this question effectively, consider these tips:

Provide constructive criticism

You don’t want to say something negative unless you have a positive change in mind to suggest. Constructive criticism is aimed at making improvements, while criticism for criticism’s sake is just hurtful and negative.

Explain what you like

Although you may be asked to critique current marketing, you do not want to come across as overly negative. Even if the marketing campaign appears to be a disaster, look for something positive to say so the company doesn’t feel as if their ideas are being attacked.

 Detail what you would change, but be careful about suggesting too many modifications

The company is looking for you to show off your skills and prove you would add value, so you need to make at least some suggestions for changes and improvements. However, you do not want to tear the entire ad campaign down. Instead, make a few selected points about how you would improve and build upon the existing campaign.

 Use your expertise to show off how you’d fit into their marketing team

Look for opportunities to show how your particular skill set could improve the marketing efforts of the whole team. If you think the execution was good in the campaign, but the graphic design was poor,, you could explain how your advanced graphic design skills would complement your future co-workers creative skills.

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