Employers can spot a generic cover letter a mile away, and it is not likely to impress the hiring manager. You don’t want to send the same copy of a boring letter to every company you apply to if you actually want to land an interview. Instead, you should take the time to customize a letter to show you’ve done your research and are truly interested in the job.

To customize your letter, prepare a personalized document for each company you apply to. Your cover letter should show:

How your experience can benefit the company

Carefully research the company to determine what their goals and objectives are for hiring someone for the open position. Then, tailor your cover letter to show off how your abilities and experience would get the company closer to achieving those goals.

How your experience would lead to success at the job

The company is hiring someone to meet a specific need. Your cover letter should be structured around showing how and why you are the person who can serve the purposes they are looking for. You should carefully read the job description and find out as much information as you can about what it would take to be successful in a position with that organization so you can show off how your unique background makes you an ideal new hire.

How your experience is a good fit for the criteria in the job ad

When you craft your cover letter, try to mirror the language in the job ad so the hiring manager can quickly and easily see you have the skills and abilities the company is looking for. Don’t make it hard for the manager to tell whether you can do exactly what the company is looking for.

More about your experience than what is listed on your resume

Your cover letter should not just be a repeat of your resume. You want to ensure you add additional information and context to your past accomplishments so the hiring manager has a better idea of what you can offer.

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