The best way to achieve job security is to be invaluable to your manager. You want to be your manager’s go-to person for handling important tasks, which means you need to ensure that your manager has a lot of trust in you.

How can you build this trust? Follow these five tips to help:

Do your job well

Your manager will not trust you if they have to constantly check your work for mistakes or problems. But, if the manager feels confident your work will be error free and done on time, they are much more likely to give you assignments in the future since they won’t have to micromanage.

Take responsibility

You want your manager to know you are willing to hold yourself accountable for getting your tasks done correctly and by the deadline. When you are taking on a task, assume the obligation to get it done, and let your manager know right away if you need any help or support. If you see problems around the office, let your manager know you are willing to take ownership of finding solutions.

Be a team player

You need to be willing and able to work well with others so your manager doesn’t have to worry about assigning you to tasks where interaction is required. Make it a point to get along with every member of your team so your manager will know you can work with anyone you’re assigned to do a project with.

Don’t complain – solve problems

Managers don’t want to feel as if they have to take on the responsibility of solving every minor problem in the office. Next time you see something wrong or a way that processes can be improved, don’t go to your manager expecting them to find a solution – take on the responsibility to solve the problem and let your manager know of the issue and your proposed plans.

Don’t get involved in office gossip

Your manager will trust you much more if you behave with the utmost of professionalism and decorum. Office gossip isn’t a good way to ingratiate yourself with your manager as it can make you look juvenile if you partake.

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